Michael D. Brown for Senate 2012
   Working for Statehood.  Working for You.

About Michael Brown

For the past five years, Michael D. Brown has been the United States Senator from the District of Columbia. First elected in 2006 with 84% of the vote, he has served with distinction, receiving an award in 2010 from a coalition of activist groups, including the ACLU, for his contribution to the statehood movement. 

That's why Barack Obama said: "He has always been a strong advocate for the rights of DC residents." (Feb. 26, 2008).

During his first term:

  • He created a nationwide non-profit, Teach Democracy-DC, to help students and teachers across America learn about our struggle for statehood.

  • He created an on-line petition signed by residents in more than 35 states.

  • He lobbied on Capitol Hill to get support for H.R. 265, our current statehood bill.

  • He created a project that erected 8,500 signs across the city to promote statehood during the Obama Inauguration which recieved national press coverage.

  • He traveled to 14 states across the country to promote statehood for the District of Columbia.

  • He helped strengthen the coalition of groups that are working on DC statehood, and lectured at national events, colleges and universities throughout the country.

Michael D. Brown has been a resident of the District of Columbia for more than 28 years. He lives in Northwest Washington with his wife and three children. For 25 years he was the President of Horizon Communications, a national consulting firm he founded, which served the political and non-profit communities from 1989 - 2010.

For the past 32 Years, he has been involved in many national and local political campaigns, including six Democratic Presidential campaigns and the past nine Democratic National Conventions. Before starting his own business, Michael was the Administrative Director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and also the Director of Development for the Democratic National Committee.

In addition to his considerable national political experience, locally he has  been a  community activist, former ANC commissioner, President of the Western Avenue Citizens Association and an elected member of the Ward Three Democrats. 

He has a BA in Political Science and an MA in Public Policy from the University of Maryland in College Park.

To learn more about Michael D. Brown and read some of his opinions, click on the following link:

       League of Women Voters


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